Balayage Hair

Balayage comes from the French term meaning to sweep. When applied to hair Balayage creates sweeping highlights that look natural, as if the colour were lightened by the Sun.

Balayage is not so much a hairstyle as a method of highlighting that can be applied to many different styles. It has become popular over recent years because of this versatility. Many styles and cuts get that special little boost from some Balayage sweep colour. So many different looks make use of balayage; rarely would we think these different looks had anything in common.

The Balayage technique is applied freehand. Sections of the hair are separated, painted against a backing board, and then isolated with cellophane. The results are both neat and slightly asymmetrical; casual and stylish at the same time. It produces an attractive look that appears to be effortless.

It is almost impossible to apply Bayayage highlights to oneself. The techniques are rather time consuming, take considerable skill, and require access to your hair from all sides. But the great advantage is that the results are as low maintenance as they are casual. And like all good hairstyles the results are tailor made to the individual.

Subtle Sombre and Ombre

Highlights have been popular for many generations, but Balayage has now replaced many of the earlier colouring techniques. Variations on the Balayage include Ombre and Sombre, very subtle colouring that grows steadily lighter towards the hair’s ends. This allows a natural look that continues even as the hair grown out. Because the lighter ends gradually blend into the natural hair colour there are no dark roots. Hair with this gradual tinting need only be redone on a very occasional basis. It looks neat and natural even between visits to the hairdresser.

Balayage Sydney Salon

At Gia hair we have applied Balayage, Ombre and Sombre highlights for many different individuals. There is no end of possibilities with Balayage highlights, and there is always another style that will suit who you are. Look you best, and make that look seem natural with Balayage highlights.