Balayage is a classic hair colour technique that has recently come back into fashion. Unlike some styles that aim to be elaborate balayage looks completely natural and suited to the individual.

Balayage is a French term than means to sweep or paint. It makes for hair that the type of hair we naturally had as children – soft and only slightly touched by the Sun. Colour is applied to the surface of the hair, but not saturated till the very ends. It does not use foil or other application devices.


As a natural look is the whole point of balayage each individual has the colouring tailor made to suit them. Our expert stylists will be able to place the colour to suit the individual’s complexion. As children our skin and hair colour were already matched. Over time we sometimes lose this. A Balayage restores the natural look and more. Think of it as the look of nature working things out more perfectly.


After getting a Balayage colour treatment your hair only requires minimal maintenance. As always with hair dye we recommend a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. Talk to us first if you want to use any heat styling.

Balayage is unlikely to every really go out of style. There has always been a place for a natural look, and balayage is the look that you wish nature had given you.

To fine the style that suits you, or to maintain the look you have contact us. If you want that balayage, Sydney Kingsford Salon can look after you. Call us today.