People have been having their hair coloured since ancient times. It is an established part of every culture. Fashions come and go, and while the type of colouring may vary there are always those altering or completely changing their hair colour. It is believed that more than half of the women in western culture colour their hair on a regular basis.

Modern hair dye gives far more natural looking results than older methods. Where the older methods tended to either colour the entire head or colour one large section the modern trend it to colour with layers, streaks or graduations. It is partly this more complex approach, as well as the superior products, that have bought many women back to the salon to get professional hair colouring.


Balayage has recently become popular again. This gives an extremely natural look by graduating the colour to be darker at the tip. When matched to individual’s skin tone the result is very convincing.


This is darker roots and lighter ends. It tends to grow out, but manages to look very good while in intermediate states; there is no sharp dividing line between colours, so while the look changes it still remains stylish.


There are several variations with this, many of which are in fashion at any one time. Parts of the hair are separated and give a lighter colour. Separation can be done with foils or a cap; highlights can be light, heavy (chunking) or anywhere in between.


Occasionally an individual may want parts of the hair darkened, either to create a thicker, textured look or to conceal grey. Foils or other barriers are used to separate hair with the resulting colour contrast looking natural yet better than before.
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