What makes the best haircut? There’s never a rule that applies to everybody, but there is always a way to make everybody look their best. At Gia hair we find what works for you. If you spend money on the right suit and the right shoes, then top it off with the right haircut and have the complete look.


The age of just going to the barber for a fortnightly trim are virtually gone. The up and coming generation have always wanted some style; modern hairstyles were part of a new look. Fashions are always changing, and no two people want or find that the same thing works for them. We shouldn’t think of fashion as conforming to a pattern, but of having a vast new selection of ides to choose from.


What men want varies a lot from one individual to the next. A few embrace the metrosexual ethics; many want a little style without appearing to make any effort. Some just want a low maintenance cut that works or them. As we have always embraced the individual look it is easy to also embrace the individual preference. Whether you like dressing up to the nines each morning, or just want to look neat after running a comb through your hair, we can give you the cut that work for you

If you want the best men’s haircut, Sydney Kingsford Based Gia Hair will always deliver the best.