While it is more common to change straight hair into some form of shape some individuals prefer to straighten their hair. This can be done on a regular basis with a curling iron, but the procedure is time consuming and the effects last a few days at the best. Professional treatments offer better solutions.

A professional straightening will last till the hair grows out naturally. Relaxers will permanently alter the structure of the hair, and are so effective that it is impossible to reshape the hair afterwards; you will have straight hair till the hair completely grows out. Previous hair treatments, like home dying, can prevent straightening techniques from working.

Hair straightening and hair colouring are two different procedures. None-the-less there is always a risk that the various chemicals used can interact, affecting colour and causing other side effects. With modern treatments this is much less of an issue than it has been in the past, but it is still best to use a professional to achieve the best results and avoid unpredictable results.

Always tell your hairdresser about anything you have done to your hair, including dying or shaping. Procedures performed in the past two years of your life can have a negative impact upon straightening and styling hair.
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